Membership management with Airtable

visuel chronique airtable
The CQAM team offers you feedback on the adoption of the Airtable web application for the management of the organization's membership.
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Five Project Management Apps

les applications de gestion de projet
Overview and presentation of five free or open source project management apps: Asana, Trello, Airtable, Kanboard et Lessy.
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ISNI and the identification of artists

Discover what is an ISNI, why every artist should have one and how to ask for yours.
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Artificial intelligence at the intersection of art, knowledge and industry

Chronique IA
A few reading suggestions in preparation for the forum "AI in the media arts, industry and academic community : Achievements, progress and limits".
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Data modeling for the contemporary arts

The CQAM and its partners plan to implement a first data modeling initiative in Wikidata to promote better representation for the contemporary arts.
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Blockchain and indepedent creators

Does blockchain technology allow the development of new models for the funding and distribution of independant media work?
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