Introduction to metadata, the discoverability of works in media arts / 2020

Tuesday, May 5th 2020
The workshop will take place online! 

The training will be online!
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
First session: 1pm to 2.30 pm
Second session: 3pm to 4.30 pm
Cost: $25
15 places available. Priority given to artists and self-employed workers on the Island of Montreal.

Please complete the registration form. (docx) FRENCH
Send it all to cqam.formations(a)


This training focuses on metadata, structured search engine data and related data and aims to improve the knowledge, uses and project proposals of artists and cultural organizations in the media arts.

This training will be offered in French only. 

Josée will discuss the concepts and notions of data use in the cultural sector and answer your practical questions. For example: What is the data web? Structured data, open data, linked data: what is it? What are the means at our disposal? How to develop project ideas from data use?

By applying the new knowledge acquired at the beginning of the day through various exercises, you will be able to:

  • See how search engines use metadata and Wikipedia to understand the content of a web page;
  • Perform tests to validate the discoverability of metadata;
  • Identify what means are available to you to link creators and their creations to the data web.
  • Identify which type of data production and application project best meets your objectives.


Trainer | Josée Plamondon

Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences, MBA. A trained librarian and specialist in information systems and databases, Josée has contributed to projects aimed at data interoperability and sharing, indexing content for processing by machines and sharing knowledge. As a consultant, she provides content creators and producers facing the challenges of digital technology with an understanding of information dynamics and how to use the data that describes their content. Since 2016, she has co-organized an annual conference on the Semantic Web in Quebec.


This training receives financial support from Emploi Québec.

For more information, contact us at 514 527-5116 or cqam.formations(a)