Charline Dally & Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin won the residence CQAM/VYV/SAT – 2019

The project of artists Charline Dally and Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin was selected for the CQAM/VYV/SAT residency.

This residency project, initiated by the Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM) in collaboration with SAT and VYV, allows an artist or a collective of artists in digital arts to create an immersive creation, which will presented in the Satosphere.

Le désert mauve, a duo of Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin and Charline Dally, works with soft audiovisual synthesis offering sensitive experiences. It keeps oscillating between fluid landscapes, infinite views and microscopic dances. They develop slow and subtle progressions that soften a notion of time. Choosing the space between the thoughts to discern flickers on the skin, feeling an unfolding movement and capture the void. Le désert mauve is a suspended space to float above some possible islands.

Their residency project aims to connect the body and the environment. They will explore a fine motion capture technique, photogrammetry, 3D animation and granular sound synthesis. Inspired by ecofeminist philosophies, geology, materials physics and cognitive sciences, they will take over the body. The body as a landscape.

VYV was created in 2004, after the studies of its founders at the 3D computer graphics laboratory of the Université de Montréal. They made their expertise in 3D computer graphics by developing flexible and interactive video projection tools to meet the growing needs of the industry in this field. The link between VYV’s technological vision and the realization of large-scale projects (Cirque du Soleil, Justin Timberlake, Robert Lepage, Roger Waters, etc.) allows Photon, an interactive media server that combines power and flexibility, to remain at the technological forefront.

Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology[SAT] is an internationally recognized non-profit organization for its active and pioneering role in the development of immersive technologies, virtual reality and the creative use of very high speed networks. With its triple mission as an artist centre, research and training centre in digital art, SAT was created to support a new generation of creators/researchers in the digital age. Inside its spaces is the Satosphere, a permanent modular dome dedicated to the development and dissemination of immersive experiences at 360˚.