GIV et Videographe presented L’âge d’or de la vidéo à Cuba May 24th 7 pm

Montréal ~ Habana : Rencontres en art actuel / Encuentros de arte contemporáneo is a contemporary art event composed of various exhibitions, artist residencies, video projections, panel discussions and meetings with participating artists and curators, taking place in two parts “Édition Habana à Montréal” in May 2019 in Montreal and “Montreal edition in Habana” in autumn 2019 in Havana.

As part of the Montréal ~ Habana : Rencontres en art actuel / Encuentros de arte contemporáneo, Vidéographe and Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)  are thrilled to present the  L’âge d’or de l’art vidéo à Cuba screening program at Cinémathèque québécise. This program, as a representation of Video Art in Cuba from the 1990s to the present, gathers various works which address self-referentiality, gender, institutional critique, ecology and politics. You are invited to attend a cocktail party at GIV following the screening. The program will then be exhibited at Galerie B-312 until June 22.

Curators:  Lillebit Fadraga, Cristina Figueroa, Gretel Medina

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
7 – 10 pm at Cinémathèque québécoiseFree entry