La Bande Vidéo – Federico Lamas May 3rd 2019

Tell me something valuable – Federico Lamas
Tell me something valuable - Federico Lamas

La Bande Vidéo  presents ” Tell me something valuable”  by Federico Lamas, opening will be help on May 3rd at 6pm. Several other exhibitions among collaborateurs of the Medusa Cooperative will be inaugurated on the same evening!

Exhibition presented from May 4 to June 9, 2019
Gallery open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 5pm
Free entrance

Galerie de La Bande Vidéo
Coopérative Méduse
620 Côte d’Abraham, Quebec

Tell Me Something Valuable is an exhibition-residency project related to the ongoing ‘’Hellish Vision’’ project. Animated illustrations hides different secrets, guilty pleasures and repressed thoughts of the protagonists. With the «Hellish viewer» tool, the reader can perceive the secret messages.  The revealed messages reminds us that even tough advertising proclaims health and happiness, we are resigned to accept the lie and choose the best of the worst consumption option.


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