Studio XX: Call for proposals 2020-2021 | Programming + Residencies

Deadline: Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Studio XX is a feminist artist centre dedicated to the exploration, creation and production in media arts as well as critical reflection on the many changes that digital culture is having on societies*. Despite this well-considered position and these good intentions, the technological equipment inherent to the disciplines within its artistic niche implicates Studio XX in a consumerist plight that is at odds with the current environmental crisis. In light of this observation, Studio XX is imbued with ideas, observations and reflections as well as the transversal values of ecofeminisms. We are inviting artists and members of the community to take a technocritical distance.

Until 2022, Studio XX will be Slow Tech. More than just a theme, this position will be comprised of three aspects:

— Environment
Ecological footprint; destruction, conservation or ecosystem restoration; relationship to consumption, sustainable development; degrowth; digital sobriety; benefits and pitfalls of science; urban sprawl; mobility, etc.

— Temporalities
In this era of acceleration and diminishing distances: alternatives to the race towards progress and the latest upgrades; obsolescence or durability; revisiting histories/Histories; slowness, the lifespan of technological devices; the imposed rhythms of life and work; the right to time, etc.

— Interactions
Ecology; social anchorage in various environments; creating family, intergenerational or intercultural links; networking; mental and emotional loads; care culture, etc.

*By digital culture, we are referring to digital literacy practices that contribute to the development of an informed awareness of the languages and possibilities offered by the use of technologies. These practices are deployed in the interest of democratization, empowerment, and independence that are in opposition to the relationship of consumption and control over populations that technologies and corporate Web giants wield.



The project proposals must meet at least one of the Slow Tech aspects.

  • We are looking for projects inspired by feminisms, ecofeminism, cyberfeminism and issues related to race and gender.
  • Studio XX welcomes projects from artists, curators, and activists who identify as women, queer, trans, and non-binary as well as collectives and organizations that uphold feminist values.
  • The proposals can take various forms: workshops, performances, exhibitions, punctual events/activities such as round tables and discussions, etc.
  • Proposals for unfinished projects are welcome, but candidates must cover the necessary production costs to finalize the project before it is presented as part of our programming.
  • Studio XX favours artistic practices that rely on the use of computer, digital, audio, interactive or Web technologies.


  • Quality of the candidate’s artistic work
  • Relevance of the project in the context of media arts
  • Consistency of the project with the feminist mandate of Studio XX
  • The project must be part of Studio XX’s Slow Tech position
  • Special attention will be paid this year to proposals that exploit the virtual reality devices and 3D printer that Studio XX has at their disposal


Depending on the proposals selected, Studio XX will pay artist fees according to the recommended rates of the CQAM and CARFAC.

The selected projects will receive logistical and technical support to be defined by the centre’s team.

We are aware of the constraints that some people may experience. Our gallery and work space are accessible to people with disabilities. However, we are currently working to improve access to our washroom. If you have any questions or concerns about the Studio XX’s ability to accommodate you, do not hesitate to contact us.




For six weeks, Studio XX provides residents with professional media arts resources to support the development of their artistic practice. The center focuses on media arts practices that rely on the use of computer, electronic, digital, audio, interactive or web technologies. Three proposals are selected each year.

Following this call, two proposals from artists based in Greater Montreal will be selected.


  • Be an artist who identifies as a woman, queer, trans or gender fluid
  • Be engaged in a media arts practice
  • Demonstrate autonomy in the use of equipment and technologies needed to carry out the project
  • Propose a feasible project based on the technical resources made available by Studio XX (equipment, production budget and workspace)
  • Please keep in mind that the space provided is NOT suitable for sound and / or multidisciplinary art projects that require a quiet environment.


  • Quality of the candidate’s artistic work
  • Relevance of the project in the context of media arts
  • Impact of the residency in the development of the artist’s practice
  • Relevance with Studio XX’s mandate
  • Relevance to the Slow Tech theme
  • Special attention will be paid this year to proposals that employ Studio XX’s virtual reality devices and 3D printer.


  • A workspace for a duration of 6 weeks
  • A residency fee in accordance with the CQAM’s Media Arts Fee Schedule ($ 1 350 CAD)
  • A production budget covering professional technical assistance fees and / or supplies directly related to the residency project (up to $ 600 CAD)
  • Access to the center’s equipment
  • The possibility to take part in training workshops offered by the center
  • The possibility to conduct an educational workshop
  • A public presentation of the residency project
  • An author’s text and a video capsule featuring the artist’s approach and the work produced in residence
  • The opportunity to participate in the XX Files radio show on CKUT


  • This call is open to artists from all over the world. However, depending on the proposals received and the amounts available, artists based in the greater Montreal area may be privileged.
  • The Studio XX team meets with each selected artist to determine the project’s production and production schedule.
  • Exceptionally, this call is only open to artists based in Greater Montreal