THE DEAD WEB – THE END Presented by the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art & MOLIOR in Budapest.

FROM JANUARY 24th TO APRIL 26th 2020


The exhibition The Dead Web – The End explores the eventuality of the World Wide Web’s death. In a context where the network could collapse even before the end of its “adultescence”— in 2023, the Web as we know it, will barely be more than 25 years old—we can try to picture the fall of the Web and the after-world that would ensue: Empty server carcasses and a sea of electronic junk? A digital oblivion on all screens? Machines imitating the Web? A handcrafted Internet? For more details on the exhibition.

Prestigious partner, the Ludwig Museum plays a key role in the Hungarian cultural ecosystem. The first museum in Hungary focused on international contemporary art, it occupies the former site of the Palace of Arts facing the Danube River and offers 3300 m² of exhibition space. The Ludwig Museum’s collection is comprised of more than 700 artworks. Through a call for proposals, curators Nathalie Bachand and Béla Tamás Kónya, have selected 5 artworks by Hungarian artists. Several works from the marvelous Museum’s collection and the C3 Center for Culture & Communication Foundation were also added to the exhibition, thus joining the Quebec and Swiss selection.