Eastern Bloc: Last chance to party at Clark’s !

Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 10pm to 4am


  • Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
  • Time: 10pm to 4am
  • Venue: Eastern Bloc
  • Address: 7240 Clark, 2nd floor, Montreal (QC) H2R 2Y3
  • Entrance fee: Free / Suggested donation of 10$.
  • Co-production and co-curation: Eastern Bloc & Never Apart



  • 22h Doors
  • 22h30 – 23h laced (live)
  • 11:00pm – 12:30am Empress Cissy Low (DJ)
  • 00h30 – 2h Sainte-Nitouche (DJ)
  • 2h – 4h SHYBOI (DJ)



The “Oasis” project interprets this year’s “green” theme by creating an urban oasis in the Eastern Bloc space, mixing the virtual and the vegetal with the creation of a social oasis.

The virtual green will take the form of an installation in Eastern Bloc’s Annex, where artist Allison Moore will be invited to occupy the space with “The Enchanted Woods”, an organic oasis projected on the white walls of the space, which will be laid out with bean bags to become a space for rest and relaxation. Eastern Bloc’s large hall where the musicians and DJs will perform will be filled with plants, green lights and scenographic elements reminiscent of the vegetation of an oasis, with VJ Charline Dally providing the scenography.

The social aspect of the oasis will be the creation of a haven where the free expression of marginalized identities will be encouraged. The parties and nightlife spaces of queer and marginalized communities have historically represented a kind of social oasis, a space for self-expression sheltered from some of the intolerances of the outside world. The creation of this type of space will be done through the programming of artists from marginalized communities (queer, racialized people and women) and the implementation of “safer space” policies, in order to encourage the public to respect the oasis of freedom created during this evening.

This is the 5th consecutive year that Eastern Bloc and Never Apart have collaborated for the Nuit Blanche. This event also marks the last evening at Eastern Bloc’s current location before they move to Chabanel, after 12 years of existence at the Clark Street address.

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