HTMLLES FESTIVAL | Ecological Disturbances: Slowing Down, Reflecting and Re-imagining

From November 6 to December 2

Presented by Groupe Intervention Vidéo as part of the HTMlles Festival

Visible here

Curator: Verónica Sedano Alvarez

The central line of argument in Ecological Disturbances: Slowing Down, Reflecting and Re-imagining, is the paradigm shift; whether through ritual gestures that transform scale and atmosphere; artificial or human voices describing alternative futures and the relationship of world to language; or archaeological scenes of a fossilized digital era. This video program presents five works exploring the environmental crisis of the Anthropocene through ritualistic performance, linguistic reflection, and the construction of fictional, alternative, and future realities.

In resistence to the acceleration that characterizes the present, the cadence of this program, which blends temporalities and emphasizes eco-feminist thinking, is restful. “Why should our bodies end at the skin […]?” writes Donna J. Haraway in her book A Cyborg Manifesto. Indeed, the porosity of a body and its blurred limits is inevitable in a future where the human/non-human dichotomy has been dismantled, giving way instead to the “digestive approach” (Troubling Ecologies). In some of the speculative scenarios offered in these works damage and loss are more apparent. In one, through a meditative and symbolic quest in which the essence of being and of the world merge (Reflecting the Source) and in another, through an archaeological landscape that exposes the traces/refuse of the digital age (La Fable d’Oxa 21965). However, the present is also calling us. Artificial light (a candle and a light bulb) and melting wax (Hello Earth), as well as narratives of a cyclical nature where the word “destroy” becomes a kind of leitmotif (Having and Being), uncover the complex dynamics within the triad that is domination-possession-destruction.