Interrogating Access conferences now online

All activities in the Interrogating Access series are now available online, transcribed, translated and... free!

Jointly initiated by OBORO and Spectrum Productions in autumn 2019, the Interrogating Access series of activities aims to equip artists, organisations, and cultural workers with the means to think through accessibility in broader terms, and to learn from the best access practices already undertaken in the cultural sector in Canada and abroad. The purpose of this series of conferences and workshops was to gather the tools necessary to stimulate better access practices in visual and media arts.

In order to make these activities accessible to as many people as possible, they were all recorded by Spectrum Productions and the content was transcribed and translated to make them fully bilingual. QSL or ASL interpretation is provided according to the language of the original presentation. You can now watch them all online!

Photo: Video still, Curating Access: Vital Cultural Aesthetics – Conference with Sean Lee & Kristina McMullin from Tangled Art + Disability