OBORO: Curating Access – Vital Cultural Aesthetics

Conference on Thursday February 6, 2020, 5:30 p.m. 

Centre for Sustainable Development, St Catherine Hall (50, Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal)
Free entry

* The conference will be in English. Please note only ASL interpretation will be offered. 

Join Sean Lee and Kristina McMullin of Tangled Art + Disability, Canada’s first Disability Art gallery with a fully disability-identified staff, in a presentation on the emergence and swell of the Deaf and Disability Arts sector in Canada, and what it looks like to not only curate disability arts, but to develop the cultural aesthetics of access.

They will discuss ‘cripping’ arts and culture, a natural extension to the disability rights movement, which has disrupted mainstream narratives surrounding experiences of Deafness, Madness and Disability. This includes a brief overview of disability arts in Canada, current and future approaches to accessible curation, inclusive approaches to marketing, and communication as a tool for building community.

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