DUE BY : September 29th 2020 - 11h59 PM

For its fifteenth edition (Complot 15), Projet Complot is looking for submission  of emerging artists, authors, researchers, curators, art mediators, cultural workers, or any other bodies outside of the art field, that are willing to contribute to this fifteenth edition and to develop an innovative and collaborative project.


Projet Complot is a collective-oriented project aiming to explore the innovative possibilities around contemporary art practices, with an emphasis on creation and thinking. Over the years, Projet Complot has defined itself as a support for emerging art practices and research, as well as a platform to explore and challenge new ways of presenting works by creating multiple events, exhibitions and publications. Each year, participants work with each other to build a project with no restriction of form. Each edition is free to develop its own vision, to explore new directions and to challenge the platform itself.

For more information on Projet Complot and past editions, check out the website and the Facebook page of the project.


Your application must include the following, with your full name and contact information:

In a text (350 words max), video or audio recording (max 7min), answer the following questions :

  • In your own words, how would you define a collective and where lies the importance of a collective project?
  • What does the experience of being part of a collective represents for you personal and professional career?
  • Describe which roles, tasks, and/or positions you would like to eventually carry out within the project.

A short statement regarding your activities and interest within the field of art (by text: 150 words max, by video or audio recording : 2min max)

Portfolio: 10 images of works, text-based projects or other relevant documents (Curation and/or cultural projects, publication, web art, etc.)

For any questions or to submit your application, you can contact us at:

* Incomplete applications will not be considered.
* No application will be accepted after the due date.
* An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt.
* All texts and images have to be sent in one unique document. Video and/or audio files have to be shared as web links towards players like Vimeo or Youtube.
* We would like to encourage individuals identifying as members of minorities as well as from the neurodiversity to submit their application.

Complot 14 invites applicants to come and meet us at the launch of our publication POINT DE FAILLE, in Montreal on September 30th, 2020. INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT TBA