Vidéographe : Correspondance / Correspondence MCR-MTL

Saturday, October 17, 2020


Saturday, October 17, 2020
10:15 am – 7:30pm Montreal time
3:15pm – 00:30pm Manchester time
Vidéographe’s YouTube channel
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Curators: Sam Meech, Clint Enns

With works by: Jenny Baines, Nathalie Bujold, Jean-François Caissy, Clara Casian, Miryam Charles, Charles-André Coderre, Maxime Corbeil-Perron, Kevin Craig, Chris Paul Daniels, Rachel Echenberg, Rob Feulner, Rowland Hill & Hannah Buckley, Jenny Holt, Nick Jordan, Naqqash Khalid, Antoine Larocque & Antoine Provencher, Félix Lamarche, Sofia Marincic, Caroline Monnet, Emma Roufs, Skawennati, Chester Tenneson, TV Babies, Raz Ullah.


At the initiative of Sam Meech, Vidéographe (Montreal) and The Holden Gallery (Manchester) present Correspondance/Correspondence, a film screening program which pairs Montreal artists with artists from Manchester.

A transatlantic transmission – crossing oceans and traversing time zones, this online screening event pairs artists films and videos from the City of Saints with those forged from the home of the industrial revolution. These video correspondences encourage dialogue between the cities by coupling two distinct artistic visions and placing them next to each other – one moving image artwork from each city. Although the works were informed by unique sets of cultural and sociopolitical circumstances, through this alignment we can draw new connections between them –  revealing important differences and surreal similarities. Join us for the online screening, a live ‘event’ complete with Q&As, live chat and a diverse range of moving images artworks, guaranteed to be something for everyone.

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