Ada X: Progression | Salima Punjani

Exhibition from April 22nd to May 21st

Tuesday to Friday, 12pm – 5pm
At Ada X, 4001 Berri street, #201

Register for an exhibition visit via this link. *** ONE PERSONE OR BUBBLE PER VISIT***
Visits in the presence of the artist on Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturdays April 24 and May 8 from noon to 5:00 pm. When she is present, Salima will be offering the possibility to feel your own reaction through the narratives of people with MS through a brainwave sensing headset and vibrating/vibrotactile technology.

Discussion with the artist, curator Tamar Tembeck and one of the project participants, Patricia Rivas, on Thursday, April 29 at 5pm. Register via this link.

How can one create meaningful human connections without either over-emphasizing or ignoring health and social challenges?

As an artist and storyteller, this is a recurring question for Salima Punjani. Deeply inspired by the Bodies in Translation project, which states that “while the law can do much to advance inclusion, it can’t legislate desirability, cultural recognition, or welcoming in”, Punjani creates artwork with care and consideration for access. She believes that welcoming and recognizing disabled people through the arts is an imperative challenge to the idea of economic productivity as the most valuable form of contribution to society.

Her work Progression is a real-time, interactive, multi-sensory installation reflecting the narratives of people with multiple sclerosis along with their own EEG and MRI brain scans. From dealing with cognitive decline and unpredictability to challenging stereotypes, each participant had agency over their story and how they wanted to be seen. Whether it’s listening with your fingertips or feeling through sound, visitors are invited to be open to the possibility of connection, empathy, and understanding through multiple senses.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a sensory listening workshop open to all. More information to come.

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