July 28, 2021
2320 rue des Carrières, Montreal | Free

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Vidéographe, and in collaboration with Le Sémaphore, we are delighted to present a public outdoor screening with a program prepared by artist Luc Bourdon. This event will mark the first in-person screening of this year and we couldn’t be happier to share these wonderful films with our audiences.

The origin and evolution of Vidéographe were inspired by emerging video technologies. 50 years after, its collection of close to 2,500 productions by hundreds of video makers covers a variety of subjects, perspectives, and aesthetics.

This program highlights an important aspect of the Vidéographe collection: experimentation. In these videos, image and sound have been manipulated by videomakers who were keen to push the boundaries of the medium.

Their investigations are manifested in experimental works that play with time, concepts, and ideas. In this selection of videos, which also delves into the worlds of performance and documentary, we see a resurgence of the techniques and textures of yesterday, thoughtfully remixed by artists who have strayed from the beaten path using images and techniques from times gone by.

*Please note that the screening date will be rescheduled in case of rain.



Duration : 70 min

  • Manon Labrecque, C’t’aujourd’hui qu’, 18 min, 1999
  • Karl Lemieux, Western Sunburn, 10 min, 2007
  • Louise Bourque, Autoportrait / Self portrait post partum, 13 min, 2013
  • Maxime Corbeil Perron, Ghostly, 7 min, 2013
  • Félix Lamarche, Terres fantômes, 20 min, 2019